Sunday, September 6, 2009

Crossing the border & Dana Point Birthday

The road to the border crossing in Tecate snakes its way around the edge of town, away from the busy streets so that they don't get clogged up with the sometimes hour wait to clear the border patrol etc. We had some wine with us, which made me nervous, and the sun was hot, hot, hot, coming in the western window of the car, which also happened to be right in my face.

After an uneventful showing of the passports, the border agent said "have a nice day ladies". We jammed out of there only to find another roadblock 1/2 hour up the road, replete with drug sniffing dogs. After another 30 minute wait in the hot sun, we were on our way. Even if you aren't guilty of anything, the way these guys behave make you feel like you have something to hide.

We drove as fast as we could back to Orange County, as the rental car agency closed at 3 pm and there was no way I wanted to pay for a few more days. Thank god for that car though, as it would have been hair raising to be blasting through potholes down those lovely dirt roads in my own vehicle.

Barely making it to the rental place on time, I was overheated and sporting a sore throat (again). Shit, it was relentless.

It was Joan's 50th birthday, and we planned to meet for drinks with a few of her old friends. After a power nap, I was able to gather enough strength to at least drive her to Cannon's on the cliff overlooking Dana Point Harbor. Of course I stayed for a drink, a Hot Toddy, to soothe the throat and then another drink, and probably another: all Hot Toddies. The view from this restaurant is spectacular. Despite the not so good appetizers, it is always comforting to be in a place that is so familiar, with old friends you've known since you were 10. These beaches, harbors and roads were the stomping grounds that helped shape me, and had that feeling of "home".

We moved next to the Dana Point Yacht Club, on a small spit of land in the middle of the harbor. More hot drinks (Irish coffees this time) and okay appetizers rounded out the still warm evening.

Today I will journey to my Father's house in Fallbrook, 1/2 hour inland from Oceanside. The next few days should be pretty relaxing especially if I'm careful to nurse my throat. Lunch is planned at the buffet of the local Casino. This should be interesting...

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  1. Cold Spring Tavern, 5995 Stagecoach Rd., Santa Barbara - Have a safe trip north!