Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Popover Re-do

Happy Holidays!
I've been threatening to re-make and re-write about my all time favorite breakfast/lunch/dinner bread - the amazing popover - and maybe even sneaking in a savory filling or two to mix things up. After agonizing all week about my failed and overcooked Christmas popovers and why the hell I tried a different recipe that had them in the oven for 35 minutes (wtf?), I decided to whip some up this morning.  Why I tried a new recipe for Christmas, I'll never know, as the recipe published in this blog is really pretty foolproof and fast.  Most say to bake them for 30 minutes or more.  These are done in just under 15, which means as your hungry family laps them up with jam and butter, or better yet, bacon and eggs (!), you can already be whipping up and baking batch number two before they're done!  To make them extra special, I used bacon drippings instead of butter in the muffin tins.

A word though, these "popovers" don't blow up into a dome of air, but have puffy sides and a nice custardy center - more of a preference of mine for filling with savory and sweet goodness.  I suppose a glass door on my 1970's era electric oven could have prevented the overcooking on Christmas.  Remember, don't open the oven door while they're in (well, you can take a little peak...).  Please see my posting from  December 31, 2010 for my favorite version!

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