Thursday, January 7, 2010

A farm I can't wait to visit

I stopped by my new restaurant (well, not my restaurant, but you know what I mean) to learn a few things from the manager, Misja, who I'm replacing.  Come to find out, I used to work with her father, Peter Nuyttens, during my time with The Lark Creek Restaurant Group.  Small world, small world, small world (well, its not like I'm hundreds of miles away).  After she visits her Restaurateur-turned-Yogi father in France, Misja  is moving to Green Strings Farm for a 3 month internship.  How exciting!

I've driven by Green Strings many times in the last few weeks on my traverses here and there looking for places to live.  Occupying 140 acres of emerald green rolling hills on the east side of Petaluma, (now you understand why I'm moving), Green Strings not only grows for some top restaurants in the Bay Area (and my new employer), they have a farm store that I can't wait to visit.  Boasting some of the happiest chickens in Petaluma (which, incidentally, has often been called "chicken-luma"), one can buy eggs straight from the coop, organic vegetables picked that day, beef that they raise a few hundred miles north, and even cheese made from the milk of those same cows. 

Misja learned about Green String's intern program through another farmer.  For three months, about a dozen or so interns learn all they can from farm owner and sustainable food veteran, Paul Cannard.  Many go on to get their graduate degrees in agriculture, some jump into the restaurant business from the backside, and others start their own farms outright. I told Misja I was coming out there as soon as possible to write about Green String in my blog.  I'm happy to report that once a month they do a farm tour.  I can't wait to tour, but also, watch out Whole Paycheck, I'll now have a new place to shop!

For more information on the farm, what they sell, when their tours are and how to get there:
For a  nice snapshot from the interns (and I won't be mad if you join), check out their blog at

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